Monday, June 25, 2007

International Go Surfing Day

McKevlin's hosted International Go Surfing Day at the Washout on the 22 of June. I got down there early sat on the Rocks for a while. Usually a great view, but the renourishment project was going on again & we all know how that goes. I put up the banner above the McKevlin's banner, you can never get enough exposure these days.

Finally we got to go surfing. We all just grabbed a board and ran into the ocean. It was as if a bunch of folks who kinda know each other got together for a Surf Session. The whole time out, I was eyeing the 6'4 Allison fish. She was a pretty board, but in the arms of some other guy for at least an hour. When I did get to take her out it was nice, but not as nice as I thought it would be. "I keep telling myself that so I don't go out and buy her!"

In the end it was a big sucess. Everyone who participated had a blast.

PS Even Stephan Colbert supported International Go Surfing Day

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Promo Movie, take a look!

This video is a montage of clips from previously broadcast shows from the Take a look.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Have Nots! "Rulers of Charleston's Second City"

As Charleston's own local version of the famed Second City comedy troupe, The Charleston Have Nots! continue to stir up infectious stage antics, fresh improv, and a myriad of unique performances by owners/comedians Timmy, Brandy, and Greg.

Earning countless awards for their talent, the Have Nots! are beyond inventive as performers. On and off the stage, these comedians offer another element to good-natured, refreshing comedy. Theater 99 is an intimate spot tucked away above the Bicycle Shop on Meeting Street. The audience can enjoy countless laughs from the comfort of their seats while enjoying snacks and beverages throughout the show. The environment is open and relaxed - reflecting upon the creative team that generated Charleston's best comedy troupe.

During intermission, check out the unique artwork in the concession area; then head back in for another hour of contagious laughs for the whole family. Also, there is now a ramp for easy wheelchair and handicapped access. No matter what, you are always taken care of and full of laughs while at Theater 99.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

What's so great about Charleston?

The Atlantic Ocean, Historic Downtown, Marshgrass, Folly Beach & the Washout, Horse Drawn Carriages, The Battery, Exquisid Fine Dining, College Girls, King Steet, Light Houses, Great Music Venues, The USS Yorktown, Draw Bridges, The Beach, Piccolo-Spoleto, Francis Marion Square, Sullivan's Island, The Market District, The College of Charleston, The Dog Park @ James Island County Park, The Riverdogs Minor League Baseball, Fresh Sea Food, Majestic Sunsets, Shem Creek, Cargo Ships, The South Carolina Aquarium, Fort Sumter, Cobble Stone Streets, Dolphins, The Author Ravenel Bridge, Sailing, Dark Alleys, The Stingray's Hockey, Plantation Homes, Palmetto Tree's, The Ocean Course on Kiawah, Shag Dancing, Patriots Point, Street Performers, Tide Changes, Civil War Monuments, and many, many more.

Sir Charles

PS Don't forget all the Burger & BBQ joints.
Check out the for more tourism info.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ladies & Gentalmen,

Introducing the blogspot. We are a televison, radio & newspaper, all wrapped up into one dynamic package. Currently, we are broadcasting live audio/ video from locations in and around Charleston, SC.

That means that you can go to our website and listen to and watch a performance from one of our many music venues. We broadcast performances at the Music Farm, Charleston Pourhouse, Johnson's Pub, & Theater 99. During the day, you can get on our site and watch our surfcam on Folly Beach.

Our camera's are fast. We broadcast at 16 to 20 frames per second. TV's in the 80's broadcast at 24 frames per second.

Plus its real time. Meaning that from the time the image is filmed by our camera until the time you see it on your laptop is anyware from 3 to 10 seconds. What does all this mean. Well, for one our website has amazing content for you to view. I am sure your next question is, how much. As it should be, since everything these days seems to cost money.

This is the best part. Its free.

So come visit our site and tell your friends.

Check it out.

You have now been introduced to